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MouthGuard for high impact fight sports

Shock Doctor mouthguards for boxing, mma and other fighting sports provide comfortable protection for your teeth. Our mouthguards contain multiple layers to absorb and disperse incoming impact on the mouth and jaw.

MouthGuard for rugby and other teamsports

Shock Doctor mouthguards for rugby or other teamsports are a bit more comfortable as they contain small breathing channels and a slimmer design. With these mouthguards, it will be easier to speak with your teammates while still securing your teeth.

How to mold your MouthGuard

Each mouthguard contains instructions on how to mold your mouthguard. There are 2 types: instant fit mouthguard (for braces) and boil-and-bite fit. If a boil and bite mold has failed, you can give it another go and restart the fitting process to make sure the fitting is perfect.
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Shock Doctor, de onbetwiste leider in gebitsbeschermer technologie en de #1 gebitsbeschermer ter wereld. Onze innovatie in prestatie-gedreven en beschermend materiaal wordt opgemerkt door professionele atleten en beginners.
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